My name is Yvonne and a personal trainer for the last 20 years and from day one, I’ve had a natural passion for fitness and training. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several inspirational and sensitive weight loss shows. And, one of the most popular things people want to find out is how to get the best nutrients from the food they consume.

It is no secret that today’s vitamins are ineffective, many people are now tossing them out and instead going for a diet to replace the deficiencies. Unfortunately, the food we consume today does not contain the same nutrient value it did five decades ago. The key to bridging this gap is to supplement, but you should be selective.

In my blog, I discuss the recent news on minerals and vitamins, with interesting analysis on flawed vitamin studies, empowering you with the correct information so that you make smarter health discussions for you and your family.


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